Keep our Toy Library open until the end of the school year, June 2019.

Roma Education Fund (REF) supports approximately 42 Toy Libraries in reaching approximately 1,500 families and 4,600 children in Central and Southeastern Europe. Located in impoverished Roma communities, the Toy Libraries offer a community venue where children and their families can meet to borrow toys and books that are designed to support children's early development and learning.

Can you help us?

We invite you to join the fundraiser for the Konik camp Toy Library in Montenegro, on the outskirts of the capital city of Podgorica.

6,000 will cover the following operating costs until June 2019:

  • rent and utilities
  • furnishings
  • arts and crafts materials
  • salary for two Toy Librarians, both of whom are Roma women from the camp

The Toy Library at the Konik camp provides a ray of sunshine to Roma families, most of whom have been living there since fleeing violence in Kosovo in 1999.

Families can borrow toys and books, "stay and play" in a bright environment, and participate in parenting and literacy activities.

  • 400 children and 120 mothers and fathers are registered as Toy Library members.
  • 500 toys and 200 books bring joy to these families who have been living in temporary shelter for almost two decades.

The Toy Library is part of Roma Education Fund's wider desegregation efforts which strive to integrate Roma children from the camp to attend local schools in Podgorica.

We appreciate your support. 


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